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    William Hale

    How would you start? A counter-intuitive approach is to ask who your reader is and what the purpose of what you are writing is. Determining the answers to these two initial questions should give you an idea of how you can draw attention to what you have to say. This will convince the audience that your text will be worth reading, because you are so fascinating that they absolutely must read you.

    Arm yourself with basic information about yourself. Best way to start is to try to impress from the beginning. Make your readers sit down and take an interest. You want them to continue reading without falling asleep. A very good test shows that you have advanced presentation skills and that you are confident. But do not boast. You want the public to recognize how incredible you are, but you have to be careful not to come in as arrogant and domineering.

    The line is thin between trust and arrogance. But you can follow this path by perfecting your skills as a storyteller. First, never be embarrassed when you talk about yourself. Your job is to make what you write as captivating as possible! To do this, try to create a positive impression on your readers. Choose a story of your life that is a good showcase for your best features, and let it roll.

    To give you some general ideas to include in a personal essay, point by numbers:
    • Choose your topic and include information about your talents, your education, your goals, their change and why.
    • Decide on the message you want to convey and give it as specific as possible to catch the public’s attention.
    • Avoid generalizations and include many basins of interest with unique details.
    • Do not brag and brag about yourself, but look as confident as possible so readers will recognize you as knowing your personal worth.
    • Choose your subject and focus on situations in which you have overcome obstacles and solved problems using your own skills and abilities.
    • Do not be afraid to show your struggles and how you made difficult choices. By showing that you are not perfect, you can always emphasize how you always try to do your best.
    • Concentrate on a subject and do not lose yourself by trying to touch too many things. Less is more and too much is too much. This will only confuse your readers.
    • Define – and stick to – a word limit and other parameters. Narration and timeline are essential to start from the beginning. Otherwise, you risk filling the quota and not making the most important point.
    • The more you can add clear and realistic details, the more your audience will be interested in what they are reading.
    • Create a dynamic flow in your story so that your readers are involved from beginning to end.
    Many people are frustrated when asked to speak for themselves. That’s why writing a personal essay may seem daunting and complicated. It’s not.
    To write a powerful conclusion to your essay about yourself, focus on the results. What have you learned?
    You will need to add an element of emotional appeal, but be careful not to abuse it. Remember the feeling that you want your readers to feel and evoke. And let the public want more!

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    jacquelinef romero

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